Friday, July 27, 2012

Concerned about What Lies Ahead

Hawaii is always being reminded of it's isolation here in the Pacific Ocean. Should a disaster take place here or many other parts of the world, we could be cutoff and left to survive on our own.
Disasters happen each and everyday around the world. So it's not an if, but a when scenario.
With record setting heat and drought conditions, food supplies will very likely continue to rise in price and there will be issues of scarcity.
Political and economic events make for a future that is uncertain at best.
Being responsible for our own survival should be a natural way of life. Fortunately we don't have to have it consume our lives in ways it has through history, but we should not ignore being prepared to deal with various situations.
Jason Richards, founder of has put together a comprehensive packet of information on the multitude of life events people should be aware of and ways to prepare for them.
I won`t even begin to try and address all the points in this post, Jason touches on them in more depth.
Learning what to expect and then expecting to do something each and everyday to be as prepared as we possibly can is our responsibility.
Being sure that we are not a burden to others and even getting ourselves to a point where we are able to help others by being prepared is something we can work at a little each day.
With the Family Survival Course by Jason Richards, it can be much easier to plan our actions and be ready.


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