Thursday, July 4, 2013

Alcohol Smoking and Inhaling a New and Crazy Way to Die

Just when you think you've seen a peak in stupid things people will do for the sake of getting high, trashed or getting your buzz on, along comes smoking alcohol.
In terms of the cost to your health and body, just the monetary cost in this video must have cost him some bucks.

Read this Hawaii News Now story on what is called auto Juice. The watch the 5 to 6 minute video and see what you think.
Feel free to leave a comment and if you have ever done this, I have a question. What is the hangover like? Also, how long is the buzz? Is this something a person might do often enough in a day or evening that they are very prone to ending up in emergency or just dead?

Doctors warn against alcohol poisoning. See the article at Hawaii News now.

This is nuts! Here is a video on some guy doing it.

Warning! The language is objectionable, beyond his stupidity!

They should file this under stupid ways to kill yourself!

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